The Cultural tour

The Cultural tour

The Masmak is a mud-brick fort, lying in the heart of old Riyadh. This building played a decisive role in the Kingdom’s formation; it was from the Masmak, on the 14th January 1902, king Abdulaziz and his men managed to recapture the fortress and set out on a mission of unifying Arabia.

During this unique experience, you will walk through the history of the Kingdom on a guided tour with one of our professional English-speaking local guides

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The cultural tour program includes:

A guided tour through the historical Masmak fortress.

The Masmak

Sample the traditional Saudi cuisine.

The Saudi cuisine

A visit to the mosque and its connection to the culture of the people and customs. Any questions may be asked.

The Mosque

Present our gift of love to capture the experience and memory for when you return home.

The Gift

A visit to the traditional Souq; to try-on the Saudi attire, burn some incense, and have a picture taken with a real falcon.

Saudi attire

Answer any questions and receive the guest’s feedback and comments.

The Feedback