Conditions for arranging a tour:

If you are interested in arranging a tour in Riyadh for a person or a group, please fill in the form below. The following conditions should be met so that we can provide the best experience.

1- The application form should be filled in completely and accurately.

2- No more than one person from the organizers should be present.

3- Being punctual and adhering to the schedule of the tour.

4- The tour guide is designated and responsible for the explanation throughout the tour.

5- Once the guest had accepted the invitation, all details of the tour should be given to them for them to read.

6- In the event of cancelation, at least 24 hours’ notice is required so that any reservation and arrangements be canceled.

7- The Association will cover all aspects of the trip, including: transport, explanation, meals, drinks at no charge.

Request a cultural tour

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