Grand Mosque Tour


Grand Mosque Tour

Al-Rajhi Grand Mosque is considered to be the largest mosque in Riyadh. The magnificent landmark is a complete Islamic Centre that offers numerous services to the community. On this tour our guests are introduced to the mosque and its role and function in the life of a Muslim. We also deliver general information about the basics of Islam, as do we respond to any questions our guests may have.

Generally, we advertise any upcoming tours from time to time, with a link to register one’s interest. To see when the next tour is, please click on the following link.


During the tour:

Walk you through the Grand Mosque’s facilities with one of our professional tour guides.

Mosque facilities


Explain the key figures in the operation of the mosque, in addition to the importance of congregational prayers in Islam.

Imam of the mosque


Take you through some of the services that are provided for the community.

Educational programs


An opportunity to have any questions answered and express your personal thoughts and reflections on the experience.

Questions and Answers


All participants will receive the program’s official gift, which contains our exclusive traditional souvenirs presented in a traditionally decorated bag or box!

The Gifts


Shed light on the role of a mosque in Islam and the services it provides to the community.

The Role of the Mosque


Complementary refreshments will be available.